About Namibia Nine

Namibia Nine is about the power of collaboration across borders, and the role that access to education plays in creating a more just world.

Edwin Tjiramba was a young man when he left post-apartheid Namibia for an education in the United States. Under apartheid rule, Black Namibians were barred from higher education. When the opportunity to study abroad at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA arose in the early 1990’s, he took it. “I was born in Namibia,” Tiramba said, “but my future was born at PLU.” Eight other students joined him throughout the decade.

Almost twenty years later, he is graduating with a law degree from the University of Namibia. Training in the field of law is fundamental to the shaping of young Namibian leaders. It provides the background necessary to ensure better opportunities than were available 30 years ago. ensuring that illegal rule never happens again in his country. His cohort are now working in all sectors, from forensics to foreign relations, changing the world for the better. It is a story about the power of education, and the agency of those who use it for good.